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About Bill Garriott & Bill G Media


Bill Garriott Bill has been professionally producing research posters and presentations for over 20 years, beginning at Children's Hospital in Columbus. In 1988, he was hired by Case Western Reserve University to head its Educational Media Art Department (under Information Technology), which later became part of Image Services.

During his 16+ years with CWRU, Bill instituted wide-format poster printing along with several other educational media services. He developed the original Research ShowCase poster templates and many of the PowerPoint poster templates still commonly used at Case and UH (and by his competitors). Since 2002, Bill has printed, supervised or consulted on over 3,000 posters for these institutions.


To provide the best poster printing service available, and in doing so to make your jobs a little easier. We can't do what you do, but we can make presenting it a better experience for you."

Business Model

Bill G Media focuses on the following goals:

  • Do a few things, do them better than anyone else, and have fun doing them.
  • Work with the best clients and reward them.
  • Get the best equipment and software for research posters.
  • Don't just make a good print—make the client's life a little easier.
  • Support research by personally subsidizing costs.

To meet these goals we cut out the expensive baloney:

  • Cut out expensive work-space. Since we deliver for free, a campus storefront isn't necessary.
  • Cut out expensive labor (including our own). Since we don't have a storefront, we don't need to pay someone to just sit there and mind the store. Poster work is seasonal, so when it's done we just turn off the basement lights.
  • Cut out the few money-draining clients. Instead, reward the majority who plan ahead, follow directions and proof their work.
  • Cut out wasted time.
  • Cut out administrative overhead.
  • Revise some services judiciously.
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