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Payment Options

We use the options YOU requested!

How to pay Bill G Media for services completed

Choose one of the payment methods below.

  • Credit Card via PayPal™.
    When your job is completed you may pay online with your major credit card or institutional P-card, and receive your itemized receipt within a couple minutes! A PayPal account is not required; there is no charge for using PayPal's service. For your protection, payment is actually made inside PayPal's ultra-secure site.
    1. See screen shot of the PayPal page, with tips below.
      (A) In the Description area, be sure to type Invoice number so I can properly credit you!
      (B)If you want a notation of which you paid with, type it in the description area. For example: "Paid with card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1234". PayPal's receipt does not automatically note the card number.
    2. Click the credit card button at right to pay for your completed poster work...
  • Institutional Check. An invoice will be emailed shortly after job completion to the billing address & agent indicated in your email. If no agent is indicated, it will be emailed to the client who made the contact, who is to forward to the paying agent. Payable within 30 days.
  • Personal check mailed within 2 days of delivery. Made payable to Bill G Media.

Screen shot of payment page with instructions. Click credit card above to go to secure PayPal account.

PayPal Screen

If you have any suggestions for making the paperwork and payment end of this service more convenient, please contact us:

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