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Standard Poster Pricing & Sizes

Keep more of your dollars for research!

Standard Pricing

Printing charges are based on $5.85 per printed square foot, and includes all standard services found on the Services page.

Price comparison for 3 common print sizes
Size (inches) Rate
 36 x 56 
 42 x 56 
 42 x 68 
 Bill G
  $5.85/sq. ft.
  $10 / sq. ft.

Bill G   Free tube & delivery More >
Kinko's:   Tube extra, no templates or support.

Poster Calculator

Enter the dimensions of your poster (to nearest inch), and number of posters to be priced. Click the Calculate button. If you change a variable, you must press Calculate again to update the totals.

Note: in 2012 the staff of Printing Services was laid off, and poster printing is now outsourced. The price listed for Printing Services may no longer be accurate, and should be disregarded. We hope to update this app soon.

Note: unlike the table above, the price for poster tubes is included (one tube per poster).

Poster Sizes

Posters can be printed in a variety of sizes.
Our printer accepts 42 inch roll media (41.5" printable).This dimension is the maximum for one side of your poster—either height or width. We limit the other dimenison to a maximum of 8 feet, and strongly recommend that you keep it 6 feet (72 inches) or shorter.

Maximum dimensions for portrait or landscape posters.You must know the dimensions of your display area before designing your poster!

About PowerPoint and Page Sizes:  

  • You are not restricted to the 56" limit under Page Setup in PowerPoint. You can work at 1/2 scale, and tell us to print at 200% for those larger posters. This is how our 42" x 68" template works. Download our Poster Resources file for tips on scaling pages.
  • Any file can be resized in the PowerPoint menu File > Page Setup. If resizing a template, do it first thing before inserting charts, tables and photos. The page resize will distort everything and you will waste time fixing each element one-by-one!
  • For your convenience we developed some PowerPoint templates in convenient sizes. These are found on the Poster Templates page.


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