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PowerPoint Templates and Poster Resources

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Bill G Media Poster Resources ©

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This PowerPoint file is designed as a common resource for all of the templates. Click the link at left and save to your computer, along with one of the templates below for a complete poster package.

The resource file contains a complete array of high resolution CWRU logos and many common UH logos, including reverse versions for use on dark backgrounds!

There are 6 sections of resources: Text, Tables, Logos, Images, Charts & Diagrams, and Design, plus instructions for submitting your job for printing. The resource sections are loaded with samples you can use in your poster, illustrated tips, examples, explanations and even warnings about common mistakes to avoid.


Bill G Media PowerPoint Templates©

It's much easier to change the page size before you start working! Double-check your display area before you start.

Landscape Templates

42 x 56 Template (Landscape)

42 x 48 Template (Landscape)

36 x 56 Template (Landscape)

36 x 48 Template (Landscape)


Portrait Templates

38 x 44 Template (Portrait)



1. Download the Poster Resources© file Click on the link (Control-click for Macintosh) and choose Save. Save the folder to your hard drive. Be careful to note where you saved the file.

This file contains CWRU and UH logos, textbox styles, samples and tips to be used with any of the templates. Simply copy and paste any resource right into your poster file!

2. Download the appropriate PowerPoint Template©. Each file is already set up with a common poster size and usable layout. Title, section heads, figure titles, captions and a variety of body text styles are ready to recieve your content.

Click on the link for the orientation and size you need (Control-click for Macintosh) and choose Save. Save the folder to your hard drive. Be careful to note where you saved the file.

Change the page size(if necessary) before doing anything else. If you must resize the page, do so under File > Page Setup. Do it before importing charts or images because changing page sizes will distort (stretch) objects inside PowerPoint.

3. Do your thing!  You may jazz up the design and insert images and files created by popular programs such as MS Word, Excel, PhotoShop, Visio and others. High resolution logos, textbox and table samples, color swatches and production tips are included in the templates to help you get started.

Note: Some file formats and import methods print better than others!  Please review the great Tips within the Poster Resources.ppt file.


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