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Top Ten Reasons

Lots of things add up to make us the best!

10.  Saves you time

Save yourself at least 30 minutes!What's your time worth? With our internet drop-off, free delivery and better service/support, we estimate that our customers save at least 30 minutes simply by choosing us.

9.  Best quality printing

Smoother tonality in images and gradientsWe spent more and bought a better printer that uses 6 inks, rather than 4. The result is smoother tonality in photos and gradients. Our print heads have twice the number of jets for finer resolution. It costs us more in supplies and maintenance, but that's what it takes to be the best.

8.  Better paper

We use Kodak media for best resultsWe exclusively use Kodak paper for highest quality. The coated satin finish keeps the inks vibrant while reducing glare. Our paper is rip-resistant and less prone to curling from humidity than wood pulp papers. And yes, it costs us more, but we just love hearing how great your print looks!

7.  Better prices

Since 2005, Bill G Media has saved Case and UH researchers between $7,000 and $24,000. This is because our prices 40% lower than Kinkos. This is money that stays in research budgets and is used for research. Additionally, we save you time (which as we all know, saves you money).

6.  Free delivery and poster tubes

Sturdy labeled tubesYou're paying between $60 and $150 for a print—and they're going to charge you for the tube?! We deliver your poster anywhere on campus (except dorm rooms) for free, in a sturdy tube that will really protect your poster all the way to the conference. We even put your name right on the tube for easy identification.

5.  Better templates

Templates designed by Bill G are all over campus—even our competitors use them! But instead of using those old versions, you can download up-to-date versions in a variety of sizes from this site. Time is money, and we spend a lot of our own so you can have a template with the best built-in resources. High-rez logos, sample text, titles and tables, and time-saving tips.

4.  More convenience

With the craziness before a conference, the last thing you need is a headache getting your poster. We are constantly thinking of ways to make this less of a hassle for you. From internet drop-off to free delivery. From revised templates to expert email help.

Even making payments is less of a hassle! If you're in a mad rush to leave for a conference, you don't need a heart attack over paperwork. We'll get your poster to you on time and you can take care of the payment after you get back.

A lot of you want the convenience of using a credit card or P-card. It costs us between $1.50 and $5.50 per poster, but we pay the PayPal fee—it's part of the philosophy of making things easier for you. That's also why we are willing to invoice individuals as well as extend a 30 day payment option to departments.

3.  More experience

Bill Garriott has over 20 years experience producing research posters and instructional media—16 years while at Case Western Reserve University. Bill has more research poster experience than any on-campus or commercial printing competitor. An expert in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and PowerPoint, he has printed or supervised more than 3,000 posters since he introduced wide-format printing to campus.

2.  Highest customer satisfaction

Check out our Rave Reviews page. Whether it's the better quality, greater convenience or lower cost, our customers testify that we're better. And they are telling their friends and colleagues.

1.  Better appreciation for the researcher

That's what all this adds up to, you know. Life is better, healthier and richer because of research. Maybe that's why we absorb higher production costs and work so much harder for you than the other poster guys.


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